How to Count Your Windows

Learn how to count your windows with our easy to use Window Pricing Guide from Deschutes Window Cleaning!


What is a Window Pane?

A window is typically made up of more than one pane. A “pane of glass” is a piece of glass surrounded by a frame on all sides. You will want to count each individual pane of glass separately.


How do I count my Window Panes?

Most of our clients find it is easiest to gather their own pane count. This is typically a fast and easy process to give you an estimate of the cost of the job. We recommend that you take a pen and paper and walk the perimeter of your home to count up the window panes. Our estimates are primarily for your convenience and to give us an idea of the scope of work involved as well as the amount of time the job will take.



Does the Size of the Window Pane Matter?

The size of each window pane does not matter.  We just ask that you get a count of each individual pane to get the most accurate estimate for your window cleaning job.


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